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What Is Solidus?

Solidus is free, enterprise-caliber security for everyone.

Companies employ entire security teams and invest huge sums of money into security products. And yet they’re still losing the battle against malware. It’s no wonder why malware is so successful against the rest of us. Solidus is my attempt to even the playing field.

In hopes of making a small difference in the world, I’m making my advanced security software available to everyone for free. In addition, I’m volunteering my time to provide free security analysis. No other consumer security product has someone review each suspicious event to determine if it requires action or is just a false positive. I answer the difficult security questions so you don’t have to.

No security product can protect you from every threat. But Solidus is a massive step forward in making you safer. So I invite you to Download Solidus now and take advantage of my push to make enterprise-caliber security available to everyone.


Why Use Solidus?

Solidus Protects You

Solidus is different than your antivirus product. It combines advanced security software with expert analysis to provide you with the best available protection against viruses and malware.

Solidus Plays Nice

Solidus won't make changes without your permission. It won't slow down or crash your computer. It can be used alongside other security products. And you don't have to change the way you work, surf, or play.

Solidus Is Free

I hope to make a real difference in the fight against viruses and malware by making enterprise-caliber protection available to everyone. Solidus is free now, and it will remain free forever.

How To Use Solidus

Download And Install

Download Solidus using one of the excessive number of download buttons and links on this page. Run the installer, and enter a VALID email address when asked. When the install completes, Solidus gets to work.

Go About Your Business

Solidus runs silently in the background monitoring for malware. Continue using your computer the same way you normally do, and keep an eye out for emails from Solidus just in case malware is found.

Monitor Your Email

Solidus won't make system changes without your consent. If your computer gets malware, you'll receive an email requesting permission to remove it. Respond and your computer will automatically be cleaned.

Just Who Do I Think I Am?

My name is Joe Kovacic. I’m a software engineer and security expert that is trying to make a small difference in the world in what ways I can. I’ve been developing security technologies for over a decade and sincerely believe I can make everyone who uses my software considerably safer. So I’m either delusional or in denial about how little free time I will have if this is successful. Download Solidus and find out which it is.

You can learn a bit more about me on LinkedIn. Feel free to check out my new and unforgivably lame security poetry-themed Twitter Account. Or perhaps you’d prefer to Google me to find evidence of my poor public-speaking ability instead. All are equally terrible ways to waste your time.

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